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VOW Seeks Approval For Market Consumption of Lab-Grown Quail

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Feb 28, 2023
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In a major proposal, Australian based cultivated meat company Vow, applied to the  Food Standards Australian New Zealand (FSANZ) to receive approval for its lab cultivated quail to be made available for human consumption. This news follows recent recognition in the US that Upside Foods lab-grown chicken was considered safe to eat by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Vow told FSANZ the “thorough safety assessment” used to determine the cultivated quail was safe for human consumption followed the same procedures used to prove the safety of conventional meats and that “no differences in gross composition are expected to pose a food consumption hazard.” 

Vow plans to market their product to high end restaurants and for it to be used in small quantities in limited serving sizes. Vow also stated that “instructions will be provided for restaurants for safe storage and recommended cooking temperature (minimum of 72C).”

Vow's 2000 litre cultivator vessel for cultured meat production. Australian cultured meat start-up Vow has opened the first of two planned cultured meat facilities.
(Source: Vow)

The Alternative Proteins Council (APC) applauded Vow, saying its “entrepreneurial endeavor was breaking new ground and it was an exciting time for the alternative protein market in Australia”. APC executive Jennifer Thompson, further stating “It is now over to FSANZ to conduct its scientific and safety assessment – a public, transparent and trusted process by the world class regulatory authority – where all stakeholders can participate in the approval process.”

Food Frontier founder and CEO Thomas King also commented “Cultivated meat will offer consumers additional choices as we move towards a safer and more sustainable future food system. I also appreciate how new and novel this food appears.”

“Australia should be really proud of our scientists and start-ups. We punch above our weight in science and technology, and we have a world class regulatory system to ensure novel foods are thoroughly assessed for safety.  

“Considering the sizable role alternative proteins will play in feeding our growing global population, it’s important that Australian investment, science, and regulation remain responsive to changing opportunities. To imagine that an Australian food tech company could be amongst the firsts to bring this protein option to our plates is very exciting.”

About VOW

George Peppou and Tim Noakesmith founded Vow in 2019. Vow is a diverse, cross-functional team of innovators, engineers, scientists, artists and most importantly, foodies! Vow is reinventing food from the ground up to make it more delicious and sustainable for everyone. In 2021 Vow secured US $6 million in seed funding and last year, Vow opened the largest cultured meat facility in the Southern Hemisphere, with plans for a second, even larger factory. In November, the company raised US $49.2 million.

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