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Pulmuone and Simple Planet Forge Partnership to Develop Cultivated Meat Products

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Feb 13, 2023
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Pulmuone and Simple Planet Forge Partnership to Develop Cultivated Meat Products

Pulmuone, a South Korean food product manufacturer and Simple Planet, a food technology company, announced a partnership to further commercialize cultivated meat products. Also stated was the desire to invest in the acceleration of the commercialization process and acquire new technologies in cellular agriculture, but details are yet to be announced.

The two companies plan to develop and bring to market hybrid cultivated meat products, which would combine a mixture of vegetable-based alternative meat ingredients and lab-grown meat ingredients, providing a protein that mimics real meat in texture and taste. The timeline for market availability is by 2025.

In 2020 Pulmuone joined forces with San Diego based food tech company BlueNalu, who specializes in cultivated seafood such as tuna, with the intention of providing knowledge of cultivated meat production.

South Korea's alternative meat market is expected to reach 32.1 billion won by 2025.

About Pulmuone

Pulmuone products are based on plant forward and animal welfare. The companies services are designed around the customers to provide a healthy experience. All of Pulmuone processes and results are considered and practiced to be beneficial to the environment. Pulmuone is creating a healthy future for both people and the earth.

About Simple Planet

Simple Planet implements environmental technology due to cell culture platform technology. The environment in which the future food of cells is being developed.

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