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Lever VC Releases Playbook to Assist Investors in Emerging Cell Ag Industry

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May 16, 2023
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Lever VC, a global alternative protein venture capital fund, has unveiled its Cultivated Meat Scientific Benchmarks white paper. The paper intends to provide technical expertise to help investors make informed decisions about emerging cell ag startups.

The Cultivated Meat Scientific Benchmarks white paper can be found at

The benchmarks were developed by Lever VC's scientific and technical team over many years, using data from multiple companies. They aim to assess a startup's technical credibility and potential, and are based on industry-standard progress rates and examine the technical milestones and competencies that should have been achieved at each fundraising stage.

According to Lever VC, the benchmarks enable a quantitative evaluation of cultivated meat companies, identifying areas where progress is lacking and where certain metrics may be overly optimistic and require proof of claims. The white paper provides a useful resource for investors seeking to exercise thorough due diligence when evaluating startups in the sector.

About Lever LC

Lever VC is a leading sector specialist in the alt protein sector. The company's partners have invested in over 65 early-stage startups and companies worldwide over the past nine years.

Lever VC’s portfolio features successful biotech startups such as Singapore’s TurtleTree, US based company Mission Barns and Chinese cultivated meat company, CellX.

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