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IntegriCulture Pursuing Billion Dollar Market With Lab-Grown Foie Gras

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Feb 22, 2023
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Tokyo based IntegriCulture has successfully developed lab-grown foie gras using duck liver cells.

The Japanese biotechnology company held a test taste for 15 participants at a hotel in Tokyo. The chef prepared two flans, one using cell-cultivated foie gras and one without.

Based on the reported conclusions, Integriculture has decided to move forward with the development of it’s technology. The company plans to provide food safe and cost effective foie gras once regulations surrounding the consumption of lab-grown meat are available in Japan.

Currently it costs the company over $200 to produce 100 grams of foie gras and with further technological developments aims to reduce the cost to $2 per 100 grams within the next three years. The global foie gras market size was valued at USD $1.17 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD $1.2 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 1.8% from 2021 to 2028.

About IntegriCulture

Integriculture Inc., a cellular agriculture platform company, develops sustainable protein, namely cell-based meat, and offers its production capability and technology to variety of clients wanting to develop products involving cell culture. Cell-based meat carries high hope as the holy grail to sustainable protein, for which $2T market is at stake. However, the production cost has been prohibitively high. Integriculture's patented “CulNet System” cultures cells 4~5 orders of magnitude less expensive to enable us to market cell-based meat at competitive prices. The system requires no externally added growth factors or serum, making it cleaner and safer compared to conventional meat, and even products by other cellular agriculture companies. The system in principle cultures any cells and produce anything produced by living things. Its astounding versatility makes it ideal for a general platform for clients wanting to produce food, cosmetics, supplements, functional ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and any other biological and agricultural products.

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