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De Novo Dairy Announces Rebrand and Headquarters Move to London

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Mar 16, 2023
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LONDON, England, March 16, 2023 ( - De Novo Dairy, a leading precision fermentation company, announced today its official rebrand to De Novo Foodlabs. The new name reflects the company's expanded focus on creating sustainable nutrients that improve the health of people and the planet through precision fermentation and other technologies.

De Novo Foodlabs' proprietary precision fermentation platform enables the creation of high-quality and nutrient-rich ingredients from non-animal sources. The company's technology is at the forefront of a global movement towards a more sustainable and ethical food system.

With its headquarters move to London in quarter four of 2023, De Novo Foodlabs will be at the heart of Europe's vibrant foodtech community. This strategic relocation will allow the company to strengthen its partnerships with leading food and beverage companies, research institutions and investors.

"We are thrilled to be rebranding to De Novo Foodlabs and relocating our headquarters to London. This is a significant milestone in our company's journey," said CEO Jean Louwrens. "Our new name and broader focus reflect our commitment to creating a better food system for everyone, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this movement."

The rebranding of De Novo Dairy to De Novo Foodlabs represents a significant shift for the company as it continues to lead the way in the precision fermentation space. With its innovative technology, De Novo Foodlabs is set to make a significant impact on the global food system by creating sustainable, nutritious and commercially attractive ingredients.  

For more information on De Novo Foodlabs and its precision fermentation technology, visit

Source: De Novo Foodlabs

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