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Aleph Farms Introduces Aleph Cuts Brand Ahead of First Product Launch

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Apr 18, 2023
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Aleph Farms, a company that specializes in creating meat products without the need for raising and slaughtering animals, has announced the launch of its first product brand, Aleph Cuts. This branding initiative aims to distinguish Aleph Farms' products and build momentum ahead of commercialization. The company is preparing to launch its first product, a premium Angus-style thin steak marketed as the Petit Steak, in Singapore and Israel later this year.

Image source: Aleph Farms
Source: Aleph Farms

Aleph Farms has been working closely with regulatory agencies worldwide to prepare for commercialization. The company uses cellular agriculture to produce animal-free meat products, which reduces the environmental impact of meat production, improves animal welfare, and provides a sustainable source of meat.

The company's new brand identity, developed in partnership with brand and experience design agency BOND, reflects Aleph Farms' consumer-centric focus and commitment to innovation. The visual identities for Aleph Farms and Aleph Cuts are part of a unified system designed to support the scale of Aleph Farms' growing product portfolio and subsequent engagement with customers and end consumers.

Aleph Farms is committed to using food technology to create a better future for the food industry. It claims to have developed a method of producing meat without slaughtering animals, using non-modified cells to grow cultivated meat. The company's whole-animal approach aims to create different cuts of steak and other products from animal cells, such as cultivated collagen. Aleph Farms unveiled the world's first cultivated thin-cut steak in 2018 and its first cultivated ribeye steak in 2021.

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