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Agronomics Announces £1M Investment in Cultivated Pet Food Producer Good Dog Food

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May 4, 2023
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Good Dog Food (GDF) has secured £1m in seed financing from Agronomics, a cellular agriculture investor, in a funding round worth £3.6m. Siddhi Capital and private individuals also participated in the round. Agronomics now holds a 42.4% stake in GDF, while its executive director Jim Mellon has invested £0.3m and holds a 2.99% stake in the company.

Good Dog Food focuses on developing cultivated pet food made from sustainable, slaughter-free, antibiotic-free, and high-quality nutritious ingredients. According to Agronomics, food for companion animals accounts for almost a quarter of meat produced in the United States, and in the US alone, dog and cat food is responsible for 65 million tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent methane and nitrous oxide. By creating sustainable and ethical meat from cells, Good Dog Food aims to replace the 20% of meat and fish produced globally for use in pet food.

"As a dog owner, I have been looking for high-quality alternatives to traditional meat to provide to my dogs - Good Dog Food will do exactly that. It is even more exciting to know that Good Dog Food may accelerate the introduction of cultivated meat to the broader public," said Agronomics executive director Jim Mellon.

The investment is significant in the broader context of the growing demand for sustainable and ethical food alternatives. Cultivated meat is a promising solution to address environmental issues and animal welfare concerns associated with traditional animal agriculture. With Agronomics' support, Good Dog Food aims to bring some of the first-ever cultivated meat products to the market and help transform the food system into one that is both sustainable and ethical.

About Good Dog Food

Good Dog Food creates cultivated meat for healthy pets and a healthy planet. By creating sustainable, ethical meat from cells the company is able to replace the 20% of meat and fish globally used in pet food. Good Dog Food meat is optimized to be ideal for pet nutrition and health. The company partners with leading pet food brands to bring you the quality you know and love but now with sustainable, ethical meat.

About Agronomics

Agronomics is the leading London listed company in the field of cellular agriculture. Cellular agriculture is the production of agriculture products directly from cell cultures that would have otherwise been derived from traditional agriculture methods.

This encompasses the utilisation of tissue engineering, biotechnology or synthetic biology to produce proteins, fats and tissues, and most notably the production of cultivated meat. For example, meat, fish, dairy and leather can all be produced by these means. Agronomics has an established portfolio of venture stage companies in this exciting and rapidly advancing sector.

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