VP Strategic Partnerships & Business Development (Food Industry)


At Air Protein, we’re passionate about creating a new food system–one that pushes the boundaries of what anyone thought was possible and builds a healthy relationship between our food and our planet. This is a new era of sustainable production; we can use less and make more. We can feed the growing global population without destroying rainforests or warming the planet. Join our diverse team of passionate scientists, engineers, and business leaders working to create the future of food—meat made from elements of the air.

As an innovative food company, we are crafting the world’s first air-based meats to eliminate compromise between nutrition, taste and climate impact.  Using novel technology inspired by NASA, we convert elements found in the air into protein. Air Protein’s process is carbon-negative by design, using less land and water, and is powered by renewable energy. It’s where cutting-edge science meets bold ambition to reinvent the way we eat.

Benefits & Perks:

In addition to the chance to work with a world-class team and cutting-edge technology to help combat climate change and address the impending food crisis, Air Protein employees also enjoy competitive benefits. We offer unlimited PTO, parental leave, 401K match, and compensation plans that include employee equity. Air Protein invests in employee development and the company culture is shaped by shared values:

Protect people & the planet

Play as a team and have a growth mindset

Do what you say you will do

Be the change you seek

Create a culture of belonging

We’re currently seeking a VP Strategic Partnerships & Business Development (Food Industry) to join our extraordinary team.

Are you skilled at building relationships and energized by closing strategic deals?

Do you have excellent strategic planning abilities with strong analytical skills?

Do you identify gaps and opportunities and initiate solutions?

Are you passionate about problem solving for climate change?

If you answered yes to these questions, WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

The Role:

The VP Strategic Partnerships & Business Development (Food Industry), reports directly to our CEO. They are primarily responsible for developing and maintaining strong strategic relationships, and establishing fiscally strong partnerships with groups that will enable the growth and global positioning of Air Protein today and in the future. This role is 100% remote but would provide relocation assistance if open to work out of our offices in the SF Bay Area.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create a strategic partnership strategy and drive strategic planning in order to show demonstrable progress in Air Protein’s partnership advancement.
  • Source, develop and maintain key relationships in order to demonstrate superlative interpersonal skills, with the ability to establish relationships quickly and effectively.
  • Drive client satisfaction and continuously improve our net promoter indicators.
  • Facilitate fundraising efforts by leading the creation of materials and due diligence through building and managing a government program to secure funding.
  • Create business plans, economic assessments, and key messaging.
  • Secure business deals with strategic and supply chain partners in order to drive the innovation of products and ingredients forward, with established memorandum of understandings (MOUs) to cover offtake from Air Protein’s facilities.


  • Bachelor’s degree 10+ years of business development in the food and beverage industry
  • Generated supply chain partnerships and securing MOUs
  • Lead business growth by identifying and securing contracts in additional areas of IP
  • Partnered with R&D, innovation, and technical sales teams.
  • 5+ years of experience building and running strategic business development teams from startup to maturity


  •  Built & managed a government funding program to secure non-dilutive funding (ex, USDA programs, Other government grants)

Skills & Qualities:

  • Outgoing charismatic, and collaborative
  • Knowledgeable about fundraising
  • Strategic by nature
  • Keen understanding of supply chain

Salary Range For Position: $216,000 - $285,000 USD

Air Protein is an equal opportunity employer.

At Air Protein, we are committed to providing equal opportunities. Because we want the absolute best people, we enthusiastically invite people of every race, color, orientation, age, gender, origin, and ability – or any other status protected by law – to apply to join our team.

Research has shown that women and people from marginalized groups may not apply for a role if they aren't a 100% match.  Please don't hold back.  If you think you will excel in this role, but perhaps you don’t tick every box, we'd appreciate the opportunity to consider your application.

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