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At Air Protein, we’re passionate about creating a new food system–one that pushes the boundaries of what anyone thought was possible and builds a healthy relationship between our food and our planet. This is a new era of sustainable production; we can use less and make more. We can feed the growing global population without destroying rainforests or warming the planet. Join our diverse team of passionate scientists, engineers, and business leaders working to create the future of food—meat made from elements of the air.

As an innovative food company, we are crafting the world’s first air-based meats to eliminate compromise between nutrition, taste and climate impact.  Using novel technology inspired by NASA, we convert elements found in the air into protein. Air Protein’s process is carbon-negative by design, using less land and water, and is powered by renewable energy. It’s where cutting-edge science meets bold ambition to reinvent the way we eat.

Benefits & Perks:

In addition to the chance to work with a world-class team and cutting-edge technology to help combat climate change and address the impending food crisis, Air Protein employees also enjoy competitive benefits. We offer unlimited PTO, parental leave, 401K match, and compensation plans that include employee equity. Air Protein invests in employee development and the company culture is shaped by shared values:

Protect people & the planet

Play as a team and have a growth mindset

Do what you say you will do

Be the change you seek

Create a culture of belonging

We’re currently seeking a Senior BioProcess Engineer (USP) to join our extraordinary team.

Do you have an understanding on the execution, commissioning, and start-up of fermentation and bioprocessing lines?

Are you knowledgeable on operating, troubleshooting, and overseeing bioreactors and/or fermenters.

Are you skilled at optimizing pilot and demonstration plants?

Do you love creating a culture of safety on your teams?

Have you worked with hydrogen and/or have robust knowledge of PSM?

If you answered yes to these questions, then WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

The Role:

The Senior BioProcess Engineer (USP) is experienced with fermentation, gas-to-liquid, gas-to-chemicals, hydrogenation, or related processes. They are responsible for the safe design and operation of gas bioprocesses in the company.  This role would play a significant part in optimizing gas generation delivery, and utilization. This position is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and requires candidates to live in commutable distance to the worksite.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with R&D engineers and scientists to design and scale-up bio processes.
  • Provide technical and engineering guidance  in the design and operation of gas fermentation and bioreactor systems involving the use of hydrogen, CO2, and oxygen.
  • Apply engineering principles, research theories, and models to design and plan experiments.
  • Execute on the design, installation, commissioning, and start-up of gas generators, storage, delivery, and gas bioprocessing lines.
  • Gatekeeper of Management of Change (MoC) systems.
  • Prepare and give presentations.
  • Lead project meetings to coordinate efforts and communicate effectively.
  • Manage subcontractor efforts to ensure quality and accuracy in delivery of engineering projects.
  • Develop, write, and review technical documentation including reports, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and engineering design packages.
  • Maintain safety in the operation of the gas generators, storage, delivery, bioreactors and maintain Project Safety Management (PSM) for the plant.


  • ChemE or MechE degree with 10+ yrs of experience in fermentation, gas-to-liquid, gas-to-chemicals, hydrogenation, or other process involving high pressure and/or flammable gasses in an Engineering or operations role.
  • Experience w/ collaboration with R&D teams.
  • Understand high gas transfer reactor systems and industrial utilization of hydrogen.
  • Expertise in aseptic processing, fermentation, and related biochemical processes.
  • Professional experience in roles requiring both independent creativity and collaboration with multiple stakeholders
  • Experience in gas fermentation or gas bioprocessing is an asset.
  • Experience developing processes in pilot scale and designing large scale equipment..
  • Prior experience with production scale biotech process equipment.
  • Experience in design and simulation of gas transfer in chemical systems or bioreactors is an asset.
  • Background in food processing, Pharma, or biotechnology to include sanitary factory/process design and GMP regulations.

Skills & Qualities:

  • Able to recognize when optimization, correction, or custom changes are necessary
  • Ability to troubleshoot and manage operations
  • Excellent organizational skills and the ability to act proactively to create exceptional experiences for internal and external audiences
  • Professional experience in roles requiring both independent creativity and collaboration with multiple stakeholders
  • Understand the use of technology as a competitive differentiator
  • Demonstrable experience with the Haber-Bosch process, hydrotreatment or hydrocracking of petroleum, hydrogenation of vegetable oils, methanol synthesis, the Fischer–Tropsch process, the Ziegler process.
  • Ability to troubleshoot and manage operations
  • Demonstrate strong business and financial acumen with an understanding of the implications of new technology development processes.

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Salary Range For This Position: $102,000 - $138,000 USD

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Air Protein is an equal opportunity employer.

At Air Protein, we are committed to providing equal opportunities. Because we want the absolute best people, we enthusiastically invite people of every race, color, orientation, age, gender, origin, and ability – or any other status protected by law – to apply to join our team.

Research has shown that women and people from marginalized groups may not apply for a role if they aren't a 100% match.  Please don't hold back.  If you think you will excel in this role, but perhaps you don’t tick every box, we'd appreciate the opportunity to consider your application.

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