Scientist I / Sr. Scientist, Biomaterials Lead

Reel’s novel biomanufacturing strategies enable the development of natural, flaky, cultivated fish fillets indistinguishable from wild caught fish. Our species agnostic, cross-cutting platform enables whole-cut, textured products without additives or plant-based scaffolding, such that the taste and texture is driven from the cells themselves.

We have a dynamic, multidisciplinary team that shares the same vision: to offer consumers a true replacement, not an alternative protein. Reel is supported by leading investors across biotechnology, food and agriculture and ocean sustainability.

About This Job

This is a foundational role to scale up biomass production to generate thick fillets of cultivated seafood. You will own the development and scale-up of novel 3D culture systems, as well as the adaptation of cell lines and work closely with the founders on key innovations. The successful individual will be able to break down complex challenges into hypothesis driven experiments, translate them into actionable work plans, and report out results and next steps clearly and efficiently to the founding team. We are looking for a mission driven, scrappy, proactive individual that thrives in an early start-up environment.

Base Responsibilities Include:

  • Design, develop, and evaluate biomaterials for cellular encapsulation strategies
  • Make strategic decisions and lead execution of experiments to systematically improve culture efficiency and yield in bioreactors
  • Scale culture processes from benchtop to pilot facility scale and beyond
  • Implement and optimize our processes to structure cells into thick tissues, and work across the whole process chain from cell to fillet

Additional Opportunities To:

  • Design, implement and optimize upstream cell culture processes for novel fish species
  • Develop novel seafood cell lines
  • Learn how to vascularize thick fillets to drive natural taste and texture
  • Mechanically characterize thick fillets to enhance and customize species-specific texture

About You

  • PhD in Biomaterials, Bioengineering, or related discipline with 5+ years of industrial experience in relevant research
  • Critical expert knowledge: biomaterials, bioprocessing, ability to culture and characterize muscle cells in 2D and 3D tissue environments,
  • Proficient in molecular biology techniques: (PCR/qPCR, NGS, flow cytometry, IF staining, microscopy, metabolic assays).
  • Relevant experiences: chemical modification of polymers, mechanical design (e.g. Solidworks) and prototyping (e.g. CAD, 3DPrinting), fluid mechanics, & material science principles
  • Self-starter, willing to take initiative and ownership on key tasks
  • Able to learn quickly and excel in fast-paced, dynamic environments
  • Fosters a collaborative environment with team members

Who You’ll Work With

You will work closely with the founders to innovate on key technical milestones. We encourage outside-the-box thinking, creative experimental design and a collaborative work atmosphere.

The Details

Palo Alto, CA

About the Company

Reel Foods

Creating delicious, flaky, cultivated fish fillets.

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