Roslin Technologies is an ambitious, cutting‐edge biotech company focused on food and agriculture. Our mission is to advance disruptive biotechnologies to improve how we produce proteins. Alternative proteins are key for a more sustainable food system. We envision a world where we can produce animal proteins without harming our health, the planet, or animals and ensure everyone has access to affordable, nutritious proteins.

Our main focus is on developing animal cell technologies for the emerging cultivated meat sector. We develop stem cell lines using ground-breaking technologies, including Embryonic (EDSCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). We provide these cell lines to cultivated meat producers globally who will use these cell lines to develop and produce cultivated meat. Our approach is unique to this sector both in terms of technology and business model. Our animal cell lines are playing a key role in bringing the reality of cultivated meat closer.

Our brilliant team of experts are passionate, curious, inventive and at the forefront of the ground-breaking work being accomplished in this rapidly growing, cultivated meat sector


This is an exciting opportunity for a Post-Doctoral Scientist to join our stem cell group led by Dr Joe Mee.

We are seeking an amitious post-Doctoral scientist with stem cell biologu experience to join our team on a 3 year project, funded by Innovate UK, to develop European Lobster and Shrimp stem cell lines for cultivated seafood products. You will be involed in applying Roslin Technologies' cutting-edge stem cell approaches to crustacea, this will require extensive experience of tissue culture, stem cell biology, molecular genetics and cellular analysis.

This group develops bespoke stem cell lines primarily for cellular agriculture and aquaculture. The group are at the forefront of animal stem cell technologies, having derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) from species such as the pig and sheep.  


• Undergraduate degree (BSc/MSc) and PhD in a closely related discipline (cell biology, molecular biology)
· Experience of working with adherent and/or suspension mammalian cell culture and media development
· Experience of characterising (i.e., microscopy, qPCR, FACs, ICC, karyotyping analyses) and archiving stem cell lines (including iPSC)
· Proven ability to deliver a research project, including the design and execution of experiments
• Proven ability to communicate complex information clearly
• Proven ability to work both independently and as a team
• Strong analytical capabilities
• Excellent organisational, communication and presentation skills
• Excellent computer skills in the use of Office software


· Experience in primary culture of crustacean or marine tissue to derive cell lines
· Experience of different cell reprogramming strategies and delivery techniques
· Industry experience of working to GMP and relevant ISO standards
· Practical experience of, and/or a strong interest in, working in the field of cultivated meat, focusing on cell line development
· Experience in molecular biology and protein expression
· Experience in project delivery/report writing and/or commercial R&D projects
· Experience in supervision/training of personnel


‣ Competitive and attractive salary and company pension plan
‣ A passionate work environment focused on a fast-growing field, using ground-breaking stem cell technologies
‣ Strong emphasis on team performance and personal development
‣ Regular company events to foster our culture

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Roslin Technologies

An ambitious food and agriculture technology company creating disruptive biotechnologies to improve how proteins are made.

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