Director of Cell Line Suspension

Today, major companies are incentivizing the clear cutting of rainforests, child slave labor, and polluting the air to supply the world with the most beloved ingredient on the planet, chocolate. California Cultured is here to bring the joy back to eating chocolate. We are developing the technology needed to make better chocolate for the world through cell-based methods. Our mission is to improve the world’s chocolate supply with a chocolate that is mouthwatering, sustainable, and better for you.

We are seeking an innovative, productive, and experienced scientist to lead the effort in generating commercial cell lines to support large-scale manufacturing of cell-cultured cocoa products. This individual will oversee cell line procurement, characterization, and engineering, including utilization of tools to derive desirable lines. An ideal candidate would have experience across multiple plant cell types and be able to drive callus induction, suspension cultures, and coordinate cell line research initiatives as we aim for continuous improvement and thorough understanding of our cells and media.

The role will manage our Cell Line Screening teams and work closely with Discovery teams to perfect methods and strategies to develop cells for scalable cocoa production, as well as Data and Automation teams to enable high-throughput derivation and data capture.

This is a cross-functional position with opportunities for collaboration across various R&D groups. Due to the dynamic and collaborative environment of our organization, this role will require someone who can thrive individually, but also as part of a team. Lastly, and most importantly, our ideal teammate will bring a sense of creativity, motivation, and empathy to both this position and our organization.

Duties include

• Direct teams in development of cell lines that are well producing, well growing, and stable for specifications that are in line with the companies end products.

• Lead of cell line development strategy, objectives, and priorities in accordance with California Cultured’s vision and R&D goals.

• Leading teams accountable for cell line procurement, development, characterization, and the utilization of cells for cell cultured cocoa ingredients.

• Managing technical transfer of characterized cell lines to dependent teams.

• Create and implement innovative approaches to an emerging field to improve cellular production, efficacy, and efficiency of the cell line development platform.

• Cooperating with Quality and Regulatory teams to ensure best practices for the commercial sale of our products.

• Frequent and clear communication of technical data and research experimental design.

• Managing a team of senior/junior scientists and supporting their career development.

About You

• MS or Ph.D. in cell biology, stem cell biology, biochemistry, bioengineering or closely-related science with 5+ years of R&D experience in the biopharmaceutical, plant biology, or similar industry.

• Industrial cell line development experience and strong academic background in a relevant field.

• Experience leading a team in cell line development, screening, or related activity.

• Familiarity across multiple genetic editing tools and cell types (including stem cells)

• Experience in high-throughput platforms for cell line derivation and characterization is preferred.

• Comfortable developing scientific knowledge base by learning new methods from peers, seminars, and scientific literature.

• Capable of fostering a team environment, collaborating with direct team members as well as scientists in other departments. Open to new ideas and often seeks critical feedback from colleagues and demonstrates effective cooperation.

• Ability to develop and nurture internal and external relationships with key colleagues, collaborators and vendors.

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California Cultured

A team of chocoholics & Coffee Enthusiasts dedicated to protecting the planet.

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