BioReactor Lead Operator

California Cultured is looking to add a Bio Reactor Lead Operator to our team to help with production bioreactor work. The ideal candidate would have 1-8 years of industry experience with production scale laboratory processes and plant cell bioreactors. This person should be comfortable working in a team environment and should have strong communication and data recording skills. This position will report to the Bioprocessing Engineer Lead.

Duties include:

• In-depth understanding of sterile procedures as related to plant tissue culture

• Planning and scheduling of lab operations

• Accurate data recording and compliance documentation

• Operation of plant cell bioreactors and related industrial-scale equipment

• Frequent communications with Lead Bioprocessing Engineer

• General laboratory sanitation including monthly deep cleanings

• Adherence to project goals and SOPs

• Oversee facility operations and maintenance

• Follow all instructed safety precautions and regulations

• On ground contact point for production operations

• Ownership of assigned work tasks

About You

• In-depth knowledge of plant tissue culture including plant cell bioreactors

• Expert knowledge of sterile techniques and sterile procedures

• Production focused mindset with the ability to schedule operations and labor resources

• Comfortable using industrial-scale equipment

• Able to work in a lab setting while wearing appropriate PPE

• Deliberative communicator

• Desire to lead production operations

About the Position

• This is a production position

• Work follows drafted SOPs

• Team focused work schedules and timetables

• Work can be physically demanding

• Competing schedules of operation need to be prioritized correctly

The Details


About the Company

California Cultured

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