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Designing Better Fats for a Better World - Starting with Chocolate.

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Seminal Biosciences is a San Diego, CA-based Biotech Venture solving key global challenges in the food technology industry.

Seminal Biosciences Inc. have a vision to solve large, “Seminal” problems facing the world by combining deep science with the latest technological breakthroughs to develop new to the world solutions. Seminal Biosciences Inc. believes in the potential of science and technology to significantly elevate the human experience and tackle global challenges.

Seminal Biosciences Inc. in partnership with Nucelis LLC, is currently focused on re-inventing the chocolate category by developing a proprietary synthetic biology-based process to fabricate cocoa butter – a critical chocolate ingredient, without the cacao bean. This breakthrough technology can disrupt the chocolate ecosystem and solve endemic global and humanitarian challenges associated with the chocolate industry. Beyond the focus on cocoa butter and chocolate, the Seminal Biosciences team is also looking to use this powerful synbio platform to develop new and “better” fats that will be an improvement on both taste and sustainability dimensions versus current animal and plant-based fats.

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