New Age Meats

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Producing pork products that will make life better for everybody.

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New Age Meats is on a mission to future proof the joy of food, starting with the joy of pig!

New Age Meats is a new way to produce pork products that will make life better for everybody—especially pigs. No sacrificing anything. Pure joy, all the way around.

New Age Meats plant-based and cultivated pork products relieve us of the need to harm pigs in any way, while maintaining all the irresistible sensations of traditional pork sausage.

New Age Meats founder, Brian Spears, is stubbornly determined to feed the planet in a sustainable way. A self-professed guilty meat eater, Brian sought a way to keep enjoying what he loves without sacrifice. With New Age Eats, he found it. Brian’s attracting likeminded New Agers who share his mission and his hell-bent determination to bring new joy of food to people and new joy of life to pigs.

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