Matrix Food Tech

Private Company

Manufacturing fibrous, edible, animal component-free, plant-based, customizable nanofiber scaffolds and microcarriers.

Matrix Food Technologies was founded in 2019 as a joint collaboration between Ikove Startup Nursery and Nanofiber Solutions known as “Matrix Meats”.

Since its inception, Matrix F.T. has focused on driving scale for the alternative protein industry using plant-based, animal component-free (ACF)  and edible ingredients.

All of Matrix F.T. 's products are appropriate for cell culture or to directly integrate as an ingredient,  are cost effective for scale and are customizable to your specific cell lines and type, process, final product and value proposition.

Based in Dublin, Ohio, Matrix Food Technologies work with alternative protein companies selling both products and services internationally.

The company manufactures edible, plant-based, 100% animal component-free, and fully-customizable 3D structures for your products that provide a comprehensive solution for building biomass, generating structure, adding and supporting differentiation, adding nutrients, and controlling cell growth through time-triggered growth factor release.

Matrix F.T exclusively use 100% animal component-free and food-safe ingredients in our microcarriers and scaffolds.

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