Green Bioactives

Private Company

Pioneering the discovery, development and sustainable production of high-value plant natural products.

Green Bioactives is an innovative start-up biotech from the University of Edinburgh that has developed a sustainable, reliable and economical plant cell-based biomanufacturing platform of plant biomolecules – utilising natural plant biochemistry, particularly the unique properties of plant vascular stem cells, to produce target bioactive molecules for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and agricultural markets.

Green Bioactives Ltd was established through the Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research (ICURe) programme funded by Innovate UK. In 2018 Green Bioactives Ltd was awarded a place on the ICURe programme to explore the global plant natural products market, and the company identified an urgent requirement for a robust and sustainable source of plant bioactive molecules across different industrial sectors.

​Subsequently, Green Bioactives was awarded significant Innovate UK funding to accelerate the development of our plant cell biomanufacturing platform and supply plant bioactive ingredients in a sustainable way.

​The company opened its research lab at the Roslin Innovation Centre (RIC) in March 2020. Since then Green Bioactives has been successful in securing further funding and developing new technologies to fine-tune the production of high-value molecules in cultured plant cells.

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