CULT Food Science

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Making cell-based foods part of everyday life.

The first publicly-traded company of its kind in North America, CULT Food Science is pioneering the commercialization of cellular agriculture products to create a sustainable, sensible, and slaughter-free food system.

CULT Food Science is focused on two specific areas: building food brands that are good for the world and investing into the most innovative cellular agriculture companies on the planet.

These two areas have a unique synergy.

By building food brands that are good for people and good for the world, we are obsessive about finding the best ingredients. To find the best ingredients, we scour the world looking for the companies who are using cellular agriculture to create food inputs that are slaughter free, net zero emissions and nutritionally sound.

When we find those companies, we invest in them. When we invest in them, we not only own equity in them, we are developing a partnership around ingredient supply.

We then take those ingredients and we get to work on building entirely new categories of food that are both delicious and ethically sound.

These new categories of food get tested, refined and iterated on through our product incubation studio until we feel they are ready to make an impact.

As we begin to bring this entirely new type of food product into the world, we create a virtuous cycle. It’s good for the consumer, good for the planet, good for animals, good for our portfolio companies and good for us.

We think of this as a complete cellular agriculture ecosystem. Harm free. Slaughter free. Environmentally friendly. Ready to eat and ready for the future.

That is what we are building.

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