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A protein production platform addressing the growing demand for Growth Factors in the Cellular Agriculture industry.

BioBetter aims to become a world leader in complex protein manufacturing and address the fast-growing demand for Growth factors. Working behind the scenes of the emerging cultivated meat industry, BioBetter is repurposing tobacco plants to create the Growth Factors necessary for the cellular development of cultivated meat. This disruptive technology, based on plant-based protein expression platform, enables unlimited capacity, ultra-low cost (<1$/gram) and flexible solution that makes cultivated meat industry commercially viable.

BioBetter™ is an Israeli Agri/FoodTech start-up founded in 2015 by Oded Shoseyov, PhD, entrepreneur, researcher, and a professor of protein engineering and nano-biotechnology at Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Dana Yarden, MD, MBA, a biotech business expert; and Avi Tzur, an industrialist with an avid vision to put the tobacco plant to positive use. BioBetter is headquarters in Kiryat Shmona.

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