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Cellular agriculture investment firm.

Agronomics is the leading London listed company in the field of cellular agriculture. Cellular agriculture is the production of agriculture products directly from cell cultures that would have otherwise been derived from traditional agriculture methods.

This encompasses the utilisation of tissue engineering, biotechnology or synthetic biology to produce proteins, fats and tissues, and most notably the production of cultivated meat. For example, meat, fish, dairy and leather can all be produced by these means. Agronomics has an established portfolio of venture stage companies in this exciting and rapidly advancing sector.

The Agronomics investment platform includes equity stakes in SuperMeat, VitroLabs, Formo, Geltor, BlueNalu, Meatable, New Age Meats, Mosa Meat, Galy, Tropic, California Cultured, Shiok Meats, Liberation Labs, Ohayo Valley, Bond Pet Foods, CellX, Good Dog Food and the Clean Food Group.

Jim Mellon is the largest shareholder of Agronomics. As of October 31, 2022, he owned 14.9% of the company.

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